Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness: Jason's LAST Wood Badge Ticket

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P57 Emergency Action Plan
1)  Depending on the emergency, determine if there are any local procedures that should be understood and respected.  
Call the Brevard County Emergency Management Citizen Hotline at 211.
At least the Cubmaster and Committee Chair should be registered to receive FREE Emergency Notification of Breaking Weather Alerts, Health, Homeland & Cyber Info sent to your email & wireless device.
Follow this link to register: http://www.emergencyemail.org/

2)  Decide on pickup strategy for scouts (by parents or guardians).  Note, until pack committee members present determine it is safe to allow parents to pick up their kids, den leaders must remain responsible for keeping their scouts together in a group, no wandering.
    (a)  If it is immediately necessary move to safe area, den leaders are to ensure scouts move together to the safe area before releasing to parents.
    (b) There may be situations where it will be appropriate to release scouts directly to parents.  
Leaders will decide which method is appropriate based on the type of emergency and the timing of when it happened (i.e. during a pack campout, during a pack meeting…)

3)  Put together a list of emergency phone #s to keep in the kit (My list is below, feel free to amend):
                Emergency Service                                                         Phone #
          1    Brevard County Emergency Management Citizen Hotline Dial ----->  211
          2    Florida Division of Emergency Management ------------------------------>  850-413-9900
          3    FEMA: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------->  1-800-621-FEMA (3362)
          4    National Hurricane Center ------------------------------------------------------->  http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/
          5    National Weather Service ------------------------------------------------------->  http://www.nws.noaa.gov/
          6    Palm Bay Emergency Preparedness --------------------------------------->  http://www.palmbayflorida.org/fire/public/emergency.html
          7    Red Cross ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->  321-723-2586
          8    United Way --------------------------------------------------------------------------->  321-631-2740
         9    Brevard County Public Schools ----------------------------------------------->  321-633-1000 ext. 797
        10    Brevard Community College ---------------------------------------------------->  321-632-1111
        11 University of Central Florida ---------------------------------------------------->  321-433-7821
        12 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ------------------------------>  800-232-4636
        13 National Poison Control Center ------------------------------------------------>  800-222-1222
        14 Further information available to Palm Bay Citizens by calling ----->  321-726-5683 or 321-409-6383
        15 Brevard County Animal Control ------------------------------------------------>  321-633-2024
                            Call 911 for animal/insect bites or stings

4)  Develop an emergency communications plan.
    a) Keep a binder with emergency phone #s for pack members in the emergency kit.
    b) In the event of an emergency, begin phone calls to parents who have dropped their kids off with us for an event.
        Note:  Only Wolf and above...  this is not open to tigers b/c they must have their parents with them at all events.
    c) Call pack leaders (who are not present) to notify of situation or to get input on next steps.
    d) Call local emergency hotline to determine the extent of the emergency (#1 & 14 in step 3).
    e) Inform all leaders of next steps as determined by emergency information gathered from emergency hotline.

5)  Develop a unit emergency supply kit (in progress).
    Ensure the unit emergency kit remains with the unit at all events.